UEFA will not punish Real Madrid, Chelsea, Man City, Arsenal and Man Utd

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UEFA will not punish Real Madrid, Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal and Manchester United for their involvement in the breakaway project to checkmate UEFA competitions.

The European governing body has threatened to sanction all the clubs involved but they will be allowed to complete the competitions they have started this season.

The clubs are still alive in the Champions League and in the Europa League, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal and Manchester United are all still in the European club competition this season.

As a result, Real Madrid, Chelsea and Manchester City will be allowed to play their semi-finals in the Champions League, while Arsenal and Manchester United can do the same in the Europa League.

Euro 2020
Another headache for UEFA to contend with is that of the European Championship, which is due to be held in June and July this summer after being postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a statement on Sunday, UEFA threatened to ban players from playing for their national teams if their clubs take part in the European Super League. FIFA was more evasive on the topic but showed their disapproval of the European Super League.

Triple the earnings
The attraction of a European Super League is surely more of a financial one than a competitive one for the clubs that have signed up.

Winners of the European Super League are expected to earn almost 400 million euros in prize money, compared to the 120 million euros you get for winning the Champions League.

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