Why creation of more states is necessary –Mark

David Mark Senate President

Senate President David Mark yesterday raised the hope of those clamouring for more states.

Mark said that the National Assembly would consider the proposal so as to bring government closer to the people.

He said creating additional states would address the fears of marginalisation by the minority people.

The Senate President spoke at this year’s Ojude Oba Festival in Ijebu- Ode, Ogun State.

Mark said: “Creation of additional states can only make government closer to the people, contrary to the view being expressed in certain quarters that we do not need additional states in the federation.”

Mark expressed support for the agitation for the creation of Ijebu State from the Ogun State, noting that new states would address the issue of marginalization being raised in some parts of the country.

Describing this year’s Ojude-Oba Festival as a thanksgiving for the good health of Oba Sikiru Adetona, the Awujale of Ijebuland, the Senate President said: “As a nation of diverse culture, we must take advantage of our diversity by using our culture as a symbol of unity.”

He urged Nigerians to come together and emphasis those things that bind us together as a nation.

Mark, however, condemned the renewed attack against places of worship, particularly yesterday’s attack on St. Theresa’s Catholic Church in Kaduna, saying: “It is never too late for the perpetrators of this dastard act to repent from their sinful acts against God.”

Earlier, Ogun State Governor, Ibikunle Amosun, commended the bound of unity among the residents.

He assured that his administration would continue to work for the development of the state and the residents.

In his welcome address, Oba Adetona urged the National Assembly to remedy the injustice being melted on Ijebu people by ensuring the creation of Ijebu State.

He said: “We have been on this issue of creation of Ijebu State since 1975. The justification for it is abundantly clear.

“The most worrisome aspect of it was the total neglect of Ijebu community in the state creation exercises that have taken place.

“It is lamentable that Ijebu, which in the colonial era, was one of the 24 provinces that made up Nigeria cannot today boost of being counted as one of the 36 states that constitute the country.”

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