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    Nice correction, valid points and good riddance to the bad rubbish. Although, some jobless critics were only envying Tinubu’s legendary achievements in politics out of frustration. And because they’re so confused about his rising profile, hence their irrational conspiracy theories that negate commonsense. Anyway, complacency offers people of little ideas happy lifestyle until they find men of valour in a glory that would cast their doldrums. But no matter how hard they may try to play mind game against the already achieved success, this man of destiny called Tinubu has already dared to be there, as the glory laid upon him is far from exaggeration. Meanwhile, let the sarcastic merchants of vilification resume to their reckless slandering job and let’s see if Tinubu’s priceless laurel in the annals of Nigerian politics can stop it’s shine. Well, prophetically, to their chagrin, here’s one politician whose legend have perfectly been inscribed, not only on the sand of time, but equally on the rock of ages, as generations of philosophers will ponder over his wonder.


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