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    Great job by SSS.keep it up

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    The hoodlums shot themselves on the foot when they decided to go for such a high profile individual. Their greed has found them out. Good job sss. This goes to show that all the stories told by the police was just cock and bull.

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    Our security agents should be praised for this job well done. The men of the SSS did wonderfully well. It should also be noted that there is a very drastic reduction in the incidents of kidnapping this Christmas season unlike in the past. However, our law enforcement agents should be trained to be proactive so that crimes should be prevented. Then also, every citizen of Nigeria should be given the same treatment, whether poor or rich. The case at hand was that of a professor, monarch and mother of the finance minister. Should the same be extended to an average Nigerian?

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    Maureen Ayam

    Which of the stories are we going to belive?I thought the police said that no ransome was paid for her release.This our country na wa oh!

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