Global aviation industry records 210 fatalities in 2013 –IATA

Commercial aviation in 2013 recorded 210 fatalities in the global aviation industry. Also, IATA said Africa has seen significant progress in safety as the continent’s African airlines experienced only one Westernbuilt jet hull loss in 2013.

The International Air Transport Association, IATA, released the statistics in Montreal.

The number of fatalities involving commercial aviation in 2013 was, IATA said was a far cry from 2012, which recorded 414 fatalities.

IATA stated that the 2013 global Western-built jet accident rate (measured in hull losses per million flights of Western-built jets) was 0.41, the equivalent of one accident for every 2.4 million flights.

This was a step back from 2012 when the global Western-built jet accident rate stood at 0.21 (2), which was the lowest in aviation history. A looked at over the five-year period (2009-2013), IATA stated 2013 showed a 14.6 per cent improvement on the five-year average of 0.48.

The 2013 Western-built jet hull loss rate for members of IATA was 0.30, which outperformed the global average by 26.8 per cent and which showed an improvement over the five-year average of 0.32. “Safety is our highest priority.

The aviation industry is united in its commitment to ensure continuous safety improvement. Importantly, that commitment has made flying ever safer. Accidents, however rare, do happen.

“We release this data as the world continues to focus on the search effort for MH370. The airline industry, its stakeholders and regulators are in the beginning of the journey to unravel this mystery, understand the cause and find ways to ensure that it never happens again,” said IATA Director- General, Tony Tyler. IATA stated that it would release its 50th annual Safety Report on 3 April including complete data and analysis of the 2013 safety performance.

IATA noted that over the five years 2009-2013, the industry has shown improvement in both accident rates and fatalities, although year-to-year comparisons may fluctuate. According to IATA, more than three billion people flew safely on 36.4million flights ,29.5 million by jet, 6.9 million by turboprop.

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