Broadband Campaign to Facilitate National Broadband Plan – Minister


The Minister of Communications Technology has confi rmed that the broadband awareness campaign recently held in Lagos was to complement the country’s fi ve-year National Broadband Plan from 2013-2018 that was approved last year by the federal government. The plan seeks to make broadband available to all Nigerians by 2018.

Following the successful launch of broadband awareness campaign in Lagos, the federal government went ahead to inaugurate a Media Advisory Committee that will further drive the broadband campaign.

The 15 member committee, which is made up of media professionals, is expected to assist the communications partners to create immense publicity for the broadband awareness campaign.

The federal government, through the Ministry of Communications Technology and the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), has taken the broadband campaign awareness to core international investors at different telecoms fora, organised by the International Telecoms Union (ITU) in Dubai, UAE and Bangkok in Thailand.

Over the years, developed countries have used broadband to advance their economies. With broadband, people can do much more online like e-commerce, reaching out to people, and building their social and business networks across borders from the comfort of their offi ces and homes, as well as developing local apps that could address various challenges peculiar to Nigerians.

These and many other opportunities abound with broadband access and the Nigerian government has seen the need for broadband access in Nigeria, hence its recent campaign on broadband penetration and awareness among Nigerians.

Determined to create ubiquitous broadband access for Nigerians, the federal government, through the Ministry of Communications Technology, recently launched the broadband campaign in Lagos, with a view to taking the campaign to other parts of the country.

Speaking at the Lagos launch, the Minister of Communications Technology, Omobola Johnson, said there was need to take broadband to every nook and cranny of Nigeria, and create awareness on the benefi ts of broadband among Nigerians.

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    Well said Atiku. Your speech has shown how informed you…
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