Biotechnology can help tackle food insecurity, say expert

The Acting Director General of the National Biotechnology Development Agency, NABDA, Professor Lucy Ogbadu, said Nigeria and other African nations could tackle the challenge of food insecurity with biotechnology.

Ogbadu, who is a professor of microbiology, said in a statement made available to journalists, that the relevance of biotechnology in agriculture and safety of biotechnology products among other issues cannot be overemphasised.

She said biotechnology is an old and new science, because it has been in practice from time immemorial, saying the technology of selecting varieties of crops and breeds of livestock that show better appearance and traits out of a lot while ensuring their propagation has been in practice for long.

Ogbadu noted the practice of agriculture itself is biotechnology, saying man is continuously trying to improve the yield of crops, livestock traits for better exploitation by humanity.

According to her, biotechnology have played numerous roles in the area of encouraging farmers to take up improved varieties of crops and in the area of accepting the technology in general, adding NABDA been involved in serious advocacy programmes nationwide, and have also been involved in developing bio-fertilisers that are more acceptable to the generality of humanity than those ones that are difficult to come by.

The NABDA acting DG explained the agency has also been involved in efforts aimed at of that farmer and practitioners in agriculture are exposed to technologies that can help them improve their yields, which can give them varieties that are more desirable.

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