Awe carpets LP over allegations

The Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) has debunked allegation by the Mimiko Campaign Organisation (MCO) that Ado-Ekiti is being used as a base to import thugs and dangerous weapons into Ondo State ahead of the October 20 governorship election.

The Ekiti State chapter of the ACN, in a statement by its chairman, Jide Awe, said while the party would have loved to ignore this latest allegation coming from a Labour Party (LP) ragtag government that is daily sinking into an abyss of infamy and oblivion, the reaction became expedient because the discerning members of the public could mistake this blatant falsehood for the truth.

Awe said: “The allegation of the campaign arm of the Ondo LP is not only wicked, but malicious, baseless, unfounded, illogical, hallucinatory, selfdefeatist, frivolous, hollow, pedestrian and lacking any iota of credibility.

“The LP candidate Mimiko and his party are already drowning in the sea of non-performance and rejection by the Ondo electorate and are desperately looking for any straw to clutch in a bid to survive.”

He added that Mimiko and the LP are only being haunted by mornid fear of imminent and inevitable defeat in the October 20 governorship poll, saying: “In the first place, the ACN as a party that has its foundation on democracy, justice and rule of law, believes in using legitimate avenues to articulate its policies, manifesto and beliefs for the purpose of winning election to better the lives of the people.

“These include doorto- door campaign, open air campaign, public enlightenment programmes through the use of the mass media within the ambits of the law.”

The Ekiti ACN chairman added that the party is one that preaches peace and would never be involved in the use of violence and other anti-democracy acts that would jeopardise the interest of the people is wishes to govern.

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