Men’s Fashion Inspiration: Here’s how to Wear Bright Colours in 2021

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We’ve gone way past the days when people believed colour was necessarily unmasculine when it came to style. Although most men still look lost whenever someone starts talking about hues and shades and complementary colours, a daring set of stylish men has emerged – not afraid to use colours like bright yellow, fuchsia or even soft pastels as powerful visual stimulators to send a message without saying a word. Because, let’s be honest, wearing only dark coloured pants and white shirts can get boring super fast.

Enter @boon.vivant_. It’s not hard to see how this influencer easily grew over 50k Instagram followers – with a perfectly curated feed and a penchant for styling colours and textures in a seamless way to fit his aesthetic. From soft pink and baby blue to sharp yellow and burnt orange – there is no dull look on his page (literally). If you’re looking for more ways to inject colour into your wardrobe in 2021 look no further than this influencer’s page.

Scroll through for some of our favourite looks!

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