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    joy taore

    It is one thing to say but monitoring of policy has always been a serious problem in Nigeria, Every day police authority will say bail at police station remains free. Is it true? is police people not collecting money for bailing? So, how will JAMB be able to monitor these people is the issue. By the time we know it, N5000 for registration will become 6 or 7 thousand naria or more depending on upsurge of candidates. Even that N700 mock fee will still become an issue. Let watch and see

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    kay ajiboye

    Truly it is always easier in Nigeria to say a thing than to do that thing. Apart from these operators of CBT ccentres will make a he’ll of money from this service, it is time for vcs and rectors to eat fat on the innocent students who just want to go to school without knowing whether they will get job or not after. God will help us in this country. Oloye should know that jamb is not thesame thing as unilorin,

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    kemi b

    I pray JAMB gets it right this year. Students suffer too much in Nigeria in the process of seeking teriary schools admission despite the fact that majority of them don’t have job many years after graduation. All is bc Nigeria love paper qualification than skills possession. Jamb can only warn but to monitor is the problem

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    imah theo

    To do registration within just a month for about 1.6 million candidates to me may not be realistic. So that fixing exam by now may not also realistic. It will likely be pushed forward

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    wole adebayo

    One month for registration will be hectic for candidates. Even how will mock exam hold when registration is still on? Jamb should be very careful to avoid confusion. Oloyede should take notice of this

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    kofoworola a

    How about the issue of taking only one public university? Many vCs will use this to make money from the students. That will be charged change of institution fee should they deny admission in their choice school and want to go elsewhere.

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    Jamb with its inconsistent policy. It is students and parents that are paying heavily for this. Oloyede should not cause problem this year;s exam and admission. The process should be rancor free . Even N5000 registration fee is much. N2000. Should have been ideal.

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    This. Year’s jamb and admission w be interesting. My view is based on the Oloyede’s position on the mock prior to the real exam.


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