Don’t Feel Ashamed Of Having Multiple Partners As Long As You Practice Safe Sex – Kiki Mordi

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Kiki Mordi (@kikimordi\Instagram)

Nigerian Journalist, Kiki Mordi has shared her views on multiple sex partners which has people talking.

According to the MTV EMA award winner, she doesn’t see why people should be ashamed of having multiple sex partners once they are having safe sex.

Her comment was a reply to a tweet by a Twitter user which reads;

“What feels like shame but people shouldn’t be ashamed of?”

The journalist then replied with;

“Multiple sex partners”

See thread below;

Seriously if anyone asks you about your “body count”, just assume they’re foolish and act accordingly. These are not the men you should be allowing anywhere near your vagina.

— Kiki Mordi (@kikimordi) November 17, 2020

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